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Rah-e-Amal School
Board of Governors


Board of Governors
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A Board of Governors comprising of following members has been consituted for facilitating the management of Rah-e-Amal School.
  1. Mr. Amir Aslam
  2. Mrs. Tehmina Azhar
  3. Mrs. Razia Hayat
  4. Mrs. Hashmat Husain
  5. Mrs. Seema Mufti
  6. Mrs. Amna Peerzada
  7. Mr. Fasahat.H.Syed
  8. Mrs. Zehra Syed
  9. Mrs.Fasiha Talal

The Board of Governor is responsible for taking policy decisions. It meets as many times as required but atleast one meeting is held quarterly.

Rah-e-Amal School